Bottom Line: Incentive Programs Drive Change and Behavior

Incentive Programs Drive Behavior

The goal of any incentive program worth doing is to drive behavior or change for the participants. Too many incentive programs today are a matter of slapping some swag on a website and calling it a day. Ineffective programs are lost opportunities in terms of brand awareness, loyalty and budget.

PAC creates incentive programs from the ground up or executes your current program. Either way, our job is to separate your company from others, build loyalty and improve customer sales and/or employee retention.

Incentive program services include:

  • Program development based on clear end goals
  • Merchandise selection, design and production
  • Web store for online point redemption and participation tracking
  • Reward warehousing, order fulfillment and shipping
  • Program participation tracking and reporting

Incentive Programs for the Happy, Healthy and Wise

  • Employee Incentive Program – can kick productivity into high gear and improve sales. Happy employees can be far more productive than disgruntled ones. The increased revenue gained can boost your profits and make an incentive program pay for itself.
  • Safety Incentive Program – can help you reduce accident rates by 20% or more. Accidents at work can cost a company thousands of dollars per incident.
  • Wellness Incentive Program – can encourage your employees to live healthier and help you trim health care costs by more than 8%. Unhealthy lifestyles significantly add to the cost of health insurance and increase the likelihood of long-term illness.

We Learned Incentive Programs from the Masters

In 1972, we started as an incentive house for the master of all incentivizers, Mary Kay. Now, that cosmetic powerhouse understood the value and importance of developing and executing an incentive program that its representatives actively participate in and are proud to fly their brilliantly branded pink rewards.

PAC moved into one of the hardest incentive program areas of all – health care, both human and animal – for Merck, Pfizer and others. We created and executed rebate and incentive programs that successfully encouraged participants to make healthy choice for them (or their pets).

We know the equation for an effective and successful incentive program is part psychology and part creativity. We bring this expertise to your incentive program, so the investment you make in it returns the ROI you expect: affecting change and driving behavior for brand awareness and loyalty.

High Redemption Rates Say It All

PAC as 100 suppliers contributing over five million black label items from which to choose for your incentive program, ranging from small items to once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Whether participants have earned a couple hundred or a couple hundred thousand points, they’ll have merchandise options that mean something – and they’ll have your brand all over them.

PAC Sports designed, manufactured and installed full trailer wraps for 200+ in record time.

College Sports

Chili’s and the Dr Pepper Snapple Group both rely on PAC to supply them with entertaining items to sell to their customers, name brand corporate apparel that makes their employees look professional, contest prizes, executive gifts and holiday items. We are not merely a vendor to our clients, but a promotional partner.

Read a case study about how PAC promoted Dr Pepper and country music.

Chili's and the Dr Pepper Snapple Group

When Interstate Batteries wanted a new platform for their employee wellness program, they turned to PAC and the Unlock Your Potential solution. The training and incentive capabilities of Unlock Your Potential were a perfect fit for this educational and rewarding program.

Interstate Batteries

Dr Pepper Snapple Group’s 50+ brands have great promotional and logistical needs. They need to order hundreds of stock items, order custom merchandise, display marketing information and track their orders. For all this and more DPSG turned to PAC to run their Corporate Store.

Dr Pepper Snapple Group

As a Fortune 100 Company Pfizer has some monumental shipping and promotional needs. Awards for Sales Representatives, corporate apparel and tools are just some of the materials that PAC distributes to Pfizer’s thousands of employees and customers.

Pfizer Pharmaceutical

Marriott Vacation Club has over 50 timeshare locations that need to be stocked with state of the art LCD televisions, sound systems and lobby displays to satisfy their client base and nothing impresses like Sony electronics. To manage all of their Sony needs Marriott counts on PAC Distribution Services.

Marriott Hotels