Be a Circle in a World of Squares

You know the Golden Arches and the Mouse Ears from a mile away. Brand identity is the lifeblood of any company, large or small. Brands are everywhere, and they’re constantly competing for eyeballs and recognition. Your brand identity and how it’s projected and protected can help you compete, making your company a circle in a world of squares.

At PAC, our talented team of designers and resourceful account executives get to the heart of your brand and translate it into tangible products supported by our best-in-class fulfillment and logistics service.

Developing Your Brand Experience

Your brand identity becomes part of your story, to which people can relate and thus gravitate toward your company. PAC helps create the products that are the visuals and the props that tell your brand story.

Coordinating Your Visual Brand Identity

This is where your brand standards come into play. Using your company logo and brand colors, we support your marketing team by giving them the branded sales, marketing and promotional tools they need to boost brand awareness. Our fulfillment and logistics services have built-in reporting that syncs with your systems to evaluate results.

Sending the Right Message

PAC designs products to match your brand promises – the experience your customers are assured of receiving from their relationship with your company. From fun and quirky to stylish and luxurious, we’ll help you put the right swag in the hands of your brand advocates.

Reserve Your Resources Until Inventory is Shipped

PAC makes it easy for you to stock your brand identity merchandise. We’ll keep your stock in our 60,000-sq. ft. warehouse and ship it as orders arrive – by the thousands or one offs. You remit payment after each shipment to protect your cash flow.

Marriott Vacation Club has over 50 timeshare locations that need to be stocked with state of the art LCD televisions, sound systems and lobby displays to satisfy their client base and nothing impresses like Sony electronics. To manage all of their Sony needs Marriott counts on PAC Distribution Services.

Marriott Hotels

As a Fortune 100 Company Pfizer has some monumental shipping and promotional needs. Awards for Sales Representatives, corporate apparel and tools are just some of the materials that PAC distributes to Pfizer’s thousands of employees and customers.

Pfizer Pharmaceutical

PAC Sports designed, manufactured and installed full trailer wraps for 200+ in record time.

College Sports

When Interstate Batteries wanted a new platform for their employee wellness program, they turned to PAC and the Unlock Your Potential solution. The training and incentive capabilities of Unlock Your Potential were a perfect fit for this educational and rewarding program.

Interstate Batteries

Dr Pepper Snapple Group’s 50+ brands have great promotional and logistical needs. They need to order hundreds of stock items, order custom merchandise, display marketing information and track their orders. For all this and more DPSG turned to PAC to run their Corporate Store.

Dr Pepper Snapple Group

Chili’s and the Dr Pepper Snapple Group both rely on PAC to supply them with entertaining items to sell to their customers, name brand corporate apparel that makes their employees look professional, contest prizes, executive gifts and holiday items. We are not merely a vendor to our clients, but a promotional partner.

Read a case study about how PAC promoted Dr Pepper and country music.

Chili's and the Dr Pepper Snapple Group